Friday, 14 August 2015

Weekly Reflection T3W4

What: This week room 15 have learnt a new chord on the ukulele. It is called G. Now we have learnt five chords. We can play a songs In The Jungle. Yesterday we went to high school to see a play that they put together. It had the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, the Boy who cried wolf, the Wood Cutter, the Fairy God Mother and the Evil Step mother. It was one of the best plays I'v ever seen.

So what: This week I have learnt the G chord on the ukulele with Mr Beryman, as well as two songs. I also learnt how to do a proper landing on the gym tramp and how to do a proper backwards and forwards rolls.

Now what: My goal is to not give up in running. I haven't achieved my goal.

Wild and wacky

In room 15 we have been reading art books. We got Wild and Wacky. Here is my google drawing of it. 

Friday, 7 August 2015

Weekly Reflection T3 W3

What: This week we went to the gym and we learnt our landings. My favourite part was when we jumped on the air track. Yesterday Mr Berryman and he has already taught us five chords C, F, G , C7 and Am. Today we did jump jam. Today we did YMCA and Men in black. I find it really hard to move my arms and legs.
So what: this week we learnt the Cm chord. We practised all of the chords that we have learnt.  I also learnt that getting all of my work done pays off. Now I get a lot of fun time. Now what: I haven't  achieved my goal of not giving up in running.
Image result for scary ukulele

Art wordle

In room 15 we have been learning about Art.  Miss Morris made a worldle when we gave her our ideas.